Essential oils Stress Well-being

How to relieve stress with essential oils?

Comment soulager le stress grâce aux huiles essentielles ?
Did you know that 95% of French people say they are stressed or anxious on a daily basis ? The stresses and strains of everyday life can quickly build up, affecting our well-being and serenity. Stress, this modern scourge, can have detrimental effects on our mental and physical health while affecting our cognitive ability.

Good news: there is a simple and natural way to relieve these ailments and regain inner harmony thanks to the soothing and relaxing benefits of essential oils.

What is stress ?

Stress is a natural reaction of our body to the pressures and demands of everyday life.

Stress can manifest itself in different ways, both emotionally and physically.

-Emotionally : it can cause anxiety, irritability and even depression.

-On a physical level : it can cause muscle tension, headaches, sleep disorders and weaken our immune system.

It is therefore important to take measures to preserve our inner balance. Essential oils can play an important role in this relaxation process. Their soothing and relaxing properties help calm the mind and release accumulated tension in the body.

Which essential oils to use in case of stress?

Angelica essential oil

Angelica essential oil is a precious ally for soothing stress and releasing accumulated tension. Known for its relaxing properties, it promotes relaxation and provides a feeling of inner calm. This essential oil works on many levels to relieve stress.

First, its warm, herbal scent has a relaxing effect on the mind, helping to soothe anxious thoughts and promote serenity.

Angelica also has anti-stress properties that help regulate levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body.

To take advantage of the benefits of Angelica essential oil, you can mix it with a few drops of vegetable oil and massage the areas where tension is most present, such as the shoulders and neck.

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil is an aromatic treasure renowned for its relaxing and balancing properties. Frankincense has been known for centuries for its therapeutic benefits.

Its warm, woody scent has a calming effect on the mind, helping to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. This essential oil is also renowned for its balancing properties on the nervous system. It helps regulate emotions and promote a positive state of mind.

Atlas Cedar essential oil

Atlas Cedar essential oil is a real ally to soothe the nervous system. Its enveloping aroma helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, promoting a state of calm and deep relaxation.

This essential oil also has relaxing properties that help release muscle tension. Applied in massage on areas of tension, such as the shoulders and back, it helps to release knots and promote deep relaxation.

Add a few drops to your hot bath to enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility. You can also add it to your essential oil diffuser to create a soothing atmosphere in your living space.

#OFATIPS: our advice to incorporate into everyday life to soothe stress

Beyond essential oils, there are simple tips to integrate into your daily life to soothe stress, release accumulated tension and regain calm and serenity.
-Give yourself regular moments of relaxation: practice deep breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga to refocus and release physical and mental tension. These practices allow you to connect to the present moment and cultivate a state of inner calm.

-Take care of your body: exercise regularly, because physical activity releases endorphins, the hormones of well-being. Choose a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients to support your body and mind.

- Do what makes you happy: whether it's reading a book, listening to music, pursuing a creative hobby, or spending time with your loved ones. These moments of joy help balance your energy and reduce stress.

At Ofa Karri, our desire is to democratize the power of essential oils through safe, effective, understandable, easy to use, and above all pleasant remedies.

Tailor-made products that meet specific needs. The promise of a unique well-being, therapeutic and olfactory experience.

In order to bring calm and serenity to your daily life and relieve your stress, we have created Peaceful Mind. A roll-on concentrate of organic essential oils to deal with everyday stress. Peaceful Mind soothes anxious minds, releases accumulated stress, and helps to regain calm and serenity.

A soothing and calming synergy thanks to organic essential oils of Angelica, Atlas Cedar, and Frankincense mixed with the balancing and de-stressing virtues of Niaouli and Lemon Litsea.

Apply to temples, back of ears, neck, inside of wrists, and solar plexus. Inhale deeply.

Ideal before a moment of relaxation or meditation.

The Peaceful Mind roll-on is 100% natural, Made in France and has been formulated by experts in aromatherapy and biochemistry to ensure safe use of the product.

All the ingredients are organic and have been carefully selected to relieve specific needs: soothe stress, calm the mind, release accumulated tension...