Essential oils Sleep

3 essential oils to find sleep naturally

3 huiles essentielles pour retrouver le sommeil naturellement

Did you know? A good quality of sleep is essential for physical and mental balance. Restful sleep is also one of the best immune defenses: sleeping less than 7 hours a day can triple your risk of catching a cold...

Today, nearly 40% of French people report suffering from sleep disorders. This great evil of the 21st century is greatly amplified by the use of laptops, computers, or television… Thus, we are constantly looking for natural solutions to improve the quality of our sleep and regain serenity.

Good news: there is an easy and natural way to get back to sleep thanks to the soothing and relaxing benefits of essential oils.

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First of all: what is a sleep disorder?

Sleep disorders can manifest themselves in different ways such as insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings, and restless sleep...

These disorders can be provoked or intensified by many causes: stress, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep apnea, or even an unhealthy lifestyle.

The consequences of disrupted sleep can be detrimental to health, affecting not only daily energy and productivity but also mood and cognitive abilities.

It is therefore important to react to the first signs of sleep disturbance and treat them appropriately. By using essential oils, you can relieve them effectively and naturally in order to find a night of peaceful sleep. Follow the guide!

Which essential oils to use in case of sleep disorders?

Petitgrain essential oil

Petitgrain essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, also known as sour orange. With its sweet citrus scent, this essential oil is renowned for its calming and relaxing properties: it is recognized for its soothing effect on the nervous system, thus helping to reduce stress and anxiety, two of the main causes of sleep disorders. It soothes the mind, calms daily tensions, and promotes sleep.

Before going to sleep, you can place a drop of Petitgrain essential oil in 4 drops of vegetable oil and use it in massage on the solar plexus. Direction the arms of Morpheus!

Sweet Orange essential oil

Sweet Orange essential oil is extracted from the peel of the sweet orange. Thanks to its calming and anti-stress properties, it is particularly recommended to fight against sleep disorders.

It helps reduce anxiety while promoting rest and relaxation. But that's not all: its sweet floral scent develops a feeling of joy, good humor and allows you to relax and let go in case of stress.

For example, it is advisable to spray it in the air to restore joy and good humor. In the event of an anxiety attack: place 1 drop of Sweet Orange essential oil in a teaspoon of honey (for adults or children over 7 years old), to be renewed if necessary during the day.

Green Mandarin essential oil

Green Mandarin essential oil is extracted from the peel of the mandarin. This citrus fruit with a fruity and sweet scent is known to help find a night of peaceful and restorative sleep.

Its calming and relaxing properties help calm anxiety before falling asleep to promote deep sleep.

This oil has been used in China since ancient times to help calm nerves and anxiety. It is commonly used in traditional medicine to help reduce emotional tension and improve sleep.

Our recommendation: dilute 2 to 3 drops of essential oil of Green Mandarin in a vegetable oil such as Coconut oil or Sweet Almond oil and gently massage your chest, your wrists, and the soles of your feet before going to bed. You are now ready to fall asleep!

#OFATIPS: our daily life advices to soothe sleep disorders

In addition to essential oils, there are other simple tips to naturally find a night of peaceful and restorative sleep. 

Limit stimulants: in the afternoon, consider reducing your consumption of coffee, tea, or vitamin C. Acting up to several hours after their consumption, they can therefore disturb sleep.

Spend quiet evenings: try to avoid screens and focus on reading, drink lemon balm tea or even better, take a lukewarm shower. The water will slightly raise your internal body temperature. This process mimics the human body's natural temperature drop caused by the brain when preparing for sleep and will help you fall asleep more easily.

Have a ventilated and cool bedroom: the sleeping environment is essential for good sleep. Choose a well-ventilated room, neither too hot nor too cold. The ideal temperature for good sleep is 19°C.

As a reminder, if your sleep disorders are recurrent, it is important to be accompanied and to follow the advice of a medical professional.

At Ofa Karri, our desire is to democratize the ancestral power of essential oils through safe, effective, understandable, and ready-to-use remedies.

Tailor-made products that meet specific needs. The promise of a unique well-being, therapeutic and olfactory experience.

In order to soothe your sleep disorders and regain serenity before going to bed, we have developed Dreamy Pillow. This pillow mist provides rest and relaxation, promotes sleep, and restful sleep. It fights against sleep disorders thanks to the soothing and calming synergy of organic Petitgrain and Sweet Orange essential oils with the anti-anxiety and de-stressing properties of Green Mandarin and Magnolia.

To use before bedtime: spray on your pillow and sheets.

Inhale deeply and let yourself be carried away by the calming and relaxing notes of this blend.

For optimal serenity, also spray in your room.

The Dreamy Pillow mist is 100% natural, Made in France, and has been formulated by experts in aromatherapy and biochemistry to guarantee the safe use of the product. All the ingredients are organic and have been carefully selected to relieve specific needs: soothe sleep disorders and anxiety states, and promote restful sleep...

Now that you know everything to fall asleep peacefully, we just have to wish you a good night!