What is Ofa Karri?

A fresh and new perspective on the use of essential oils.

Modern Aromatherapy

We draw inspiration from the ancient art of healing through essential oils to create natural and effective remedies.

Conceived as well-being rituals to soothe the body and emotions, our blends address specific daily needs: stress, energy, sleep, immunity, women's well-being, intimacy, and more.

With a modern and colorful aesthetic, in opposition to minimalist and sleek trends, Ofa Karri products encourage us to take time for ourselves and experience a unique sensory journey.

Body oils • Aromatic roll-on • Olfactory sprays

What does Ofa Karri mean?

⭒ OFA comes from Oils For All
It is the root of our brand and mission: make essential oils accessible, understandable, and above all, easy to use. For all!

⭒ KARRI originates from Karri Knight
It's Europe's tallest tree, an eucalyptus over 80 meters tall located in the Canas Valley in Northern Portugal. It's a nod to the origins of the brand: Margaux, the founder, has been living in Lisbon for over 7 years and draws much of her inspiration from nature, Latin music, and local warmth to create the universe of Ofa Karri.

Tailor-made formulas : from design to production

100% plant-based and clean formulas
with pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrances, perfume or toxic ingredients
Custom-created and developed
by our aromatherapist Raquel Costa, a pioneer in Portugal in organic aromatherapy and clinical methodology
Ultraviolet glass bottles
for the best preservation and protection of the oils
Manufactured in the south of France
by a committed laboratory, a shaper of the plant world and a specialist in organic ingredients
Eco-Responsible materials
recycled and recyclable paper packagings, vegetable inks
Certified organic
by the European labeling organization Ecocert, COSMOS and Home Fragrances
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Words from Margaux, the founder

A follower of alternative medicines from the beginning, my goal is to make essential oils accessible to everyone.

Each of our plants is carefully selected to actively target a specific need in a natural and safe way.

The result: effective and intuitive products that promote well-being for the body and mind, all while smelling delightful. In a beautiful bottle to have at home, something we love to treat ourselves or others to.

The power of oils

An ancestral knowledge whose effectiveness continues to be recognized and proven by science.

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